Short Hairstyles To Keep You Cool

Hairstyle Inspiration To Keep You Cool During the Heatwave at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Are you ready to revamp your look with a bold and chic short hairstyle? Look no further than Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon! Our skilled stylists are here to help you discover the perfect short haircut that complements your personality and accentuates your features. Whether you desire a sleek bob, a playful pixie, or a trendy undercut, we have you covered. Explore these fabulous short hairstyle ideas that will leave you feeling confident and stylish.

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Timeless Elegance : Classic Bob

The classic bob is a versatile and timeless hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. It is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and polished appearance. Our talented stylists at Esente Hair Salon will customise the bob to suit your face shape and hair texture.

Whether you prefer a chin-length bob, a longer shoulder-length bob, or an asymmetrical bob, this hairstyle will beautifully frame your face and give you a fresh, youthful allure.

Bob Hairstyles at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Express Your Playful Side : Pixie Cuts

If you're eager to make a daring statement, the edgy pixie is the way to go. This bold and stylish haircut is ideal for showcasing your unique personality. With its short and textured layers, the edgy pixie offers a modern and fashionable look. Our expert stylists will personalise the pixie to enhance your facial features and create a hairstyle that truly stands out.

From tousled and messy to sleek and smooth, the possibilities with the edgy pixie are endless.

Pixie Cuts at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Embrace Your Individuality : The Trendy Undercut

For those who crave a daring and unconventional appearance, the trendy undercut is the ultimate choice. This hairstyle involves shaving or trimming the sides or the back of your hair while leaving the remaining hair longer. The undercut adds an edgy and contemporary touch to any haircut, whether it's a pixie, a bob, or even a short bob.

Our skilled stylists at Esente Hair Salon will guide you in choosing the perfect undercut, allowing you to express your individuality and make a bold fashion statement.

Undercut Hairstyles in Wimbledon

Effortless Cool : The Textured Shag

If you're seeking a low-maintenance yet effortlessly cool short hairstyle, the textured shag is the ideal option. This hairstyle focuses on creating layers and adding texture to achieve a tousled and relaxed look. The textured shag works wonders in adding volume and movement to your hair, making it perfect for those with fine or thin hair.

Our talented stylists will tailor the shag to suit your unique style and face shape, creating a carefree and chic hairstyle that requires minimal styling time.

Textured Short Crop

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