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Hair Smoothing Treatments at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Is your hair too curly or frizzy?  Does your hair feel dull, dry or damaged?  You can say goodbye to the daily struggle to manage your unruly locks with the incredible KeraStraight hair smoothing treatment at Esente hair salon in Wimbledon

Used in the best salons in the world, KeraStraight’s unique combinations of award-winning proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers deliver unrivalled performance, transforming even the most damaged and hard to manage hair.   This award-winning keratin treatment will radically transform your hair, simultaneously repairing and smoothing to deliver frizz-free, gorgeous locks that are easy to manage and luxurious to touch.

Even better... the results last for up to four months!   

The Best Hair Smoothing Treatments in Wimbledon





How Does KeraStraight Hair Smoothing Work?

KeraStraight Hair Smoothing, Esente Hair Salon, WimbledonKeraStraight actively rebuilds and renews hair from the inside out, delivering added elasticity, strength, vitality with incredible shine.  Your hair will have a smoother, softer and straighter finish that lasts up to four months.  Your hair will also be more resistant to humidity,  making this treatment the ultimate answer to unmanageable curls and frizz. 

The smoothing system replaces proteins that have been lost in your hair by injecting a unique combination of repairing proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers deep into each hair shaft.  Your hair will look sensational after just one hair smoothing treatment.  

Take a look at this short video to see how we can truly transform lifeless, uninspiring locks with the Kerastraight smoothing system at our Wimbledon salon.

Is this a Brazilian Blow Dry or Permanent Blow Dry?

The results are the same as a Brazilian Blow Dry, but the process and chemicals different.  Unlike many other Brazilian Blow treatments or Long-Lasting Blow Drys our treatment does not use formaldehyde, a chemical that has been a cause for concern for some time.

Is Hair Smoothing Suitable for All Hair Types?

At Esente we take great pride in our customer care and always carry out a full consultation prior to any smoothing treatment.  Kerastraight is suitable for use on all hair types, but prior to your treatment one of our expert stylists will assess your hair's thickness, length and condition and will be able to advise on expected results and any other considerations for your particular hair concerns. 

Book a KeraStraight Treatment at Esente Hairdressers in Wimbledon

One of the biggest challenges people face with their hair is the time it takes to manage.  KeraStraight will change all that, transforming the shape and condition of all hair types to deliver conditioned, shiny hair that is quick and easy to manage.

Get sleeker hair and book a KeraStraight smoothing appointment at Esente Wimbledon hairdressing salon!   Appointments can be booked online using the pop up button or by calling 020 8946 4875.   Please contact us for any further information you need or to book in for a no-obligation hair smoothing consultation.