Spring Hair Colour Trends 2020

The Most Popular Hair Colours This Spring at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Give your hair colour a Spring Clean and ask for a refreshing new hair colour when you visit Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon!

Stuck for inspiration? Check out our favourite celebrity hair colours below...….

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Spring Hair Colour #1 - Copper

Brighten up those cold Spring morning with a warm copper hair colour. There's so many shades to choose from when it comes to copper and which one works best for you can depend on your skin tone and complexion. For example, dark copper tones work beautifully with pale & freckled complexions, where bright new penny coppers work fabulously against most skin tones. Speak to an Esente expert who will help you choose the best copper hair colour for you this Spring!

Spring Hair Colour #2 - Reverse Ombre

We've all heard about the Ombre hair trend, where hair is lighter at the ends in contrast to darker roots. This Spring, there is a twist on the classic ombre look, with Billie Eilish making her roots stand out even further with neon green hair colour! Whether you choose bright fashion hair colours or something more natural, you're sure to stand out from the crowd with this reverse ombre look. 

Spring Hair Colour #3 - Shadow Roots

A low maintenance blonde hair colour has got to be impossible, right? Actually, by asking your Esente colour expert for shadow roots, you can have a dreamy, natural looking blonde hair colour that is low maintenance. We will add brighter blonde highlights around your face and scatter throughout the lengths of your hair, but the roots and base of your colour will be a few shades darker. Look beach ready this Spring with this cool blonde look. 

Spring Hair Colour #4 - Classic Brunette

Sometimes you just can't beat a classic hair colour, such as Emily Ratajkowski's beautiful brunette hair colour. This classic look is ideal for those who don't want to experiment too much with their hair, or work in a professional capacity where neon green roots may not be a good choice. This espresso coloured hair shade will work well with most complexions, although your Esente expert will be able to advise you more at a hair colour consultation. Book now by calling 020 8946 4875.