Post Summer Hair Care

Is Your Hair Feeling Frazzled After Summer? Top Tips For Healthy Hair at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Have the long summer days, heatwaves or holidays left your hair feeling dry, damaged and in need of some care? Is your hair colour looking flat or faded? At Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon, we have the skills to repair your hair and leave it looking fabulous as we enter into a new season.

Read our simple guide to hair repair below and then book an appointment with an Esente expert by calling us on 020 8946 4875.

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Trim Split Ends for Healthy Looking Hair

Hair that becomes dry and damaged throughout the summer can be prone to split ends. If not tackled, split ends can damage the shafts of your hair and may mean that you have to have lots of length removed.

Regular trims are a great way to keep your hair in good health throughout the year. We recommend you visit our Wimbledon hair salon every 6 to 8 weeks for a light trim to remove split ends and leave your hair looking more healthy. 

haircut trim split ends

Repair Your Hair With a Salon Treatment

A bond-building treatment to nourish and restore hair.

EVERLASTING.COLOUR TREATMENT is a shot of treatment that protects against colour fading and enhances shine, vibrancy and radiance by building strength from within to boost colour protection and resilience.

✓ Colour-locking
✓ Bond-building
✓ Enhances Shine
✓ Environmental Protection
✓ Repairs & Strengthens
✓ Weightless

The lightweight style enhancers infused into the treatment mean that it is not necessary to rinse out! Your hair will be easy to style and will be protected, even when used with heat styling tools.

Book your in-salon hair repair treatment by calling us on 020 8946 4875 or book online.


Nourish Your Colour at Home 

If your hair colour has faded in the summer sunshine, book a colour refresh service at our Wimbledon hairdressers. We use only the very best hair colour products to ensure a gorgeous, healthy and vibrant colour that will turn heads. 

To protect and prolong the brilliance of your hair colour between salon visits, make sure to use KEVIN MURPHY EVERLASTING.COLOUR products at home. This colour protecting range locks in hair colour whilst protecting hair strands from hard water mineral accumulation to guarantee brilliance. The range includes bond building products to treat hair from the inside, strengthening hairs resistance for improved, more robust and healthier hair. 

Kevin Murphy Colour Range, Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

Book Your Post Summer Hair Appointment at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

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