Post Lockdown Hair Care at Esente Salon!

Care For Your Hair After Lockdown with Kevin Murphy Products at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

By now, you've probably visited the salon for the first time in MONTHS and your hair is looking sensational again, but how can you ensure it stays looking so good?

Months of using poor quality products at home may have caused you some hair problems but don't worry! The experts at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon recommend the best Kevin Murphy hair care products to ensure your beautiful locks stay looking fab until your next visit!

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Stay Hydrated With Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Wash, Esente Hair Salon in WimbledonIs you hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage, or does it show signs of sun damage (when we actually see the sun!)? Your daily shampoo and conditioning routine should contain ingredients specifically designed to deliver hydration and strength deep into your hair.

The KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME WASH and RINSE duo is the perfect balm to your dry and damaged hair, containing ingredients that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in your hair to promote elasticity and shine.

Imparting much-needed moisture while refreshing roots and scalp, the HYDRATE-ME WASH and RINSE formula is enriched with kakadu plum, (which has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any known plant) to provide antioxidant protection and leave hair with a lustrous ‘glow’.

Is Your Blonde Hair Looking a Little Blah?

As all blondes, whether natural or colour treated, will know, the UV rays of the sun can be particularly damaging to blonde hair. UV rays strip out moisture & leave it prone to breakage. Add into the mix 4 months with no toning appointments and stretched out roots due to lockdown, and your blonde may not be looking so beautiful right now.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is the perfect product for blondes, helping to reverse the effects of the summer sun and make your blonde locks look more radiant.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE features high-end ingredients, nourishing deep into your blonde hair. This leave-in treatment and colour enhancer keeps your blonde hair looking radiant and leaves it nourished from roots to tip.

Your Guardian Angel For Dull, Lifeless Hair Colour

Is your blonde looking brassy or dull, or your brunette looking basic? Give your hair colour a boost and get rid of unwanted tones with KEVIN.MURPHY COLOURING.ANGELS. These luxurious colour-enhancing treatments are especially effective on blonde or lightened hair but can also enhance darker shades. COLOURING.ANGELS will refresh and extend the life of your existing colour, neutralise unwanted tones and leave your hair gloriously shiny. 

Choose between:

  • CRYSTAL.ANGEL : An illuminating gloss to enhance your hair colour creating a super shiny, clear top coat
  • COOL.ANGEL : Removes stubborn red or orange shade whilst magnifying cool ash shades
  • AUTUMN.ANGEL : Add multi-dimensional shine and a delicate apricot rosé shade
  • SUGARED.ANGEL : A creamy beige illumination that mutes warmth in your hair, creating the perfect natural finish

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