New Year, New You?

Make Your New Year Hair Resolutions Now With The Experts at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

It’s that time of the year when many of us have begun our New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s weight loss, Veganuary, a career change or even a digital detox, it seems that the whole world is taking part in some sort of resolution challenge.

The experts at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon want to help you to make some resolutions that will actually last past January, our top ideas for a New Year’s Resolution for your hair are below….

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New Year Resolution #1 Cleanse Your Colour With OLAPLEX

Olaplex Hair Treatments at Esente Hair Salon in WimbledonDo you feel that you have a build up of colour, your hair looks dull or your hair colour is beginning to look brassy? Banish the brass in 2023 with an OLAPLEX treatment at our Wimbledon hair salon.

OLAPLEX is a dynamic formula that protects the hairs internal bonds during a hair lightening service and prevents them from breaking. It improves the strength of each strand of hair over time building up the hairs core strength.

We offer intensive in-salon hair treatments at Esente to offer deep repair and nourishment PLUS we also have the full range of OLAPLEX home hair care products to ensure the lasting effects in between salon visits. 

New Year Resolution #2 Cleanse Your Scalp With a Detoxifying Shampoo

Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Shampoo, Esente Hair Salon in WimbledonYou should ensure that you have the best professional cleansing products to detox your hair and scalp.

At our Wimbedon hair salon, we love Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash, a product designed to deliver a much-needed detox. MAXI.WASH removes the build-up of unwanted products and chemicals from the hair.

This gentle detoxifying shampoo helps to purify for a clean, clear and refreshed scalp, and the soothing blend of essential oils brightens your hair while purifying and balancing the scalp, without stripping the hair of essential oils.

New Year Resolution #3 Lay Off The Heat This Winter

Give your hair a break from the heat in the New Year. Where possible let your hair air dry either completely or only blow dry to finish off the drying process. If you must use your styling tools, ensure that you use a heat protection product to protect your tresses from drying out or becoming damaged. 

We offer a wide variety of products that will help to protect your hair from heated styling tools and could even show you some fabulous ways to style your hair without heat. 

New Year Resolution #4 Drink More Water

Water 1This is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions, because drinking the right amount of water is vital to your health.

Not only is drinking water good for flushing out toxins, helping shift any Christmas pounds, clearing your skin and giving you more energy, it is so important for hydrating your hair too. 

The recommended daily water intake for adults is 8 glasses per day, so make sure that you keep your water bottle topped up and to hand to help to keep your hair moisturised, soft and shiny.

New Year Resolution #5 Try a New Hair Colour

There are many reasons that you may want to change your hair colour. Perhaps you feel like you're stuck in a style rut or it could be that you feel your hair shade simply does not suit you and you'd like to make a change.

Whatever the reason, our hair colour experts at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon are here to help. Our hair colour specialists can help you find a hair colour that suits you and makes you feel fabulous! We will take into consideration factors including your skin tone and eye colour, plus your maintenance and styling needs. 

New Year Resolution #6 Moisturise Regularly at Esente Hair Salon

Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Wash, Esente Hair Salon in WimbledonIt’s not just your skin that suffers from late nights, dehydration and the elements. Your hair can also suffer from being too dry and tired and buffeted by the wintry weather.

When your hair has been damaged by chemicals, environmental factors or over processing, the first thing to do is to inject as much moisture as possible into it. HYDRATE-ME.WASH is a super smoothing and hydrating shampoo which is full of antioxidants to nourish dry hair.

It will moisturise your hair whilst disguising the signs of damage such as split ends. The high end formula smooths and protects hair from drying out, becoming brittle or frizzy.

New Year Resolution #7 Get Trim in The New Year With Esente Hair Salon 

Regular trims will help you hair to look more healthy. When your hair becomes dry it tends to be brittle and prone to breakages and split ends. Book in at our Wimbledon hair salon for a trim now, and ensure that you keep up regular trims by booking your appointments in advance. 

New Year Resolution #8 Book Your  Appointment at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

We’d love to help you achieve healthy hair throughout the 2023, so book in at our award winning hair salon in Wimbledon for a complimentary consultation and advice on the best hair care products now. Call the salon on 020 8946 4875 or book online.