How to Have Healthy Curls

Top Tips for Healthy Curly Hair at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

When you have naturally curly hair, taking care of your hair can seem like a full time job! Curly hair is the hair type which is most prone to dryness, which can leave it fragile, frizzy and susceptible to breakage.

To avoid unhealthy curly hair you should develop a hair routine that nourishes and hydrates your curls. If you're looking for ways to improve the health of your curly hair, you've come to the right place. At Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon, we are the hair care experts who can show you how to nurse your curls into perfect health. 

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What Causes Damaged Curly Hair?

There are a number of factors which can lead to unhealthy curly hair including rough styling, chemical treatments, over-washing, using the wrong products and heated styling tools. We stock a wide range of professional hair care products to nourish and hydrate curls plus heat protection sprays to protect the hair if you simply must use heated styling tools. 

Ask your Esente expert about our range of vegan friendly, sulphate and paraben free hair care products from Kevin Murphy.

Why Does Curly Hair Need Special Care?

Whether you have loose waves or tight ringlets, your curly hair requires extra special care to look its best. Naturally curly hair has more twists making it more delicate than straight hair, because of these twists the natural oils produced on your scalp find it harder to work their way down the hair shaft, increasing dryness and frizz.

Dry curls are also more prone to becoming tangled which, if not dealt with gently, means that the hair will be likely to break more easily.

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4 Hacks to Fix Damaged Curly Hair

Get Regular Trims

Broken hair strands cannot be repaired, if left unattended, the split ends will travel further up the hair shaft and the hair will have to be cut even shorter to remove the damage. Regularly trimming your hair will improve the appearance of your curl pattern and get rid of any broken and split ends. 

Book a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Injecting moisture into dehydrated curls is essential for healthy hair. A deep conditioning treatment or moisturising mask at our Wimbledon hair salon will help to restore moisture to damaged, thirsty curls. If your hair is very dry and fragile, deeply condition with a specialist overnight mask or leave in conditioner. Ask your Esente stylist for advice on conditioning treatments to use at home. 

Wash Your Hair Less

We wouldn't recommend every day washing for any hair type, but particularly not for naturally curly hair. Limit your hair washes to every other day at the most and use a sulphate free, curl enhancing shampoo with curly conditioner and rinse with cooler water to close the hair cuticle. Blot your hair dry rather than rubbing with a towel - a simple microfibre towel will absorb water efficiently and keep your curls protected.

Turn Down The Heat

If your hair has been damaged by heated styling, it may be time to put down the tools. Heated tools are the number one cause of hair damage in all hair types but, if you really must use your curling wand or tongs, ensure that you use only the very best heat protection products before styling. Always make sure that your curls are completely dry before using heated styling tools. 

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