Barbie Inspired Hair Trends

The Best Hair Trends Inspired by Barbie at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon

It's fair to say that Barbiemania has well and truly hit our hair salon! We've seen lots of clients recently who have been inspired by the Barbie movie to make changes to their hair. Below, we explore some fabulous hair colour and style ideas inspired by our childhood favourite...

Barbie Inspired Hair Ideas





Bright Blonde Barbie Hair Colours

When you think of Barbie, our first thoughts tend to be of bright blonde hair. The Esente colour specialists are masters at creating breath taking bright blonde shades that light up your face and boost your confidence. From platinum to sunny golden tones, we'll find the perfect shade that complements your skin tone and style. Embrace your inner Barbie with our bright blonde transformation that's sure to turn heads.

Buttery Blonde Barbie Shades

For those seeking a refined yet captivating blonde look, buttery blonde hair shades are a must-try. Our experts colourists can create stunning, warm hues that blend perfectly with your individual style, making you feel like a confident Barbie wherever you go.

We offer a comprehensive range of personalised hair colour services, including balayage, delivering a custom Barbie blonde hair colour that you'll absolutely adore.

Achieving Your Perfect Blonde

Attaining the perfect bright Barbie blonde requires expertise and precision. Whether you're making a dramatic transition from brunette or simply refreshing your current shade, trust the hair colour specialists at Esente Hair Salon in Wimbledon.

Creating a stunning blonde should always be left in the hands of professionals and never attempted at home. If you've experienced over-bleaching, brassiness, or unwanted yellow tones, don't panic! Call us immediately so that we can assess your hair's condition and come up with a plan to restore it to your desired shade.

Bold Barbie Hair Colours

If you're not getting totally swept up in the blonde waves, why not get a tailored Barbie makeover with a brand new bold colour? Our skilled colourists specialise in creating fun, playful hair colours inspired by Barbie's iconic style. From pastel pinks, vivid magentas to electric blues, our range of colourful Barbie hair options allows you to express your individuality while embracing a sense of adventure and joy.

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